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Should I Purchase A Service Plan For My Mobility Scooter?

Whether you already own a mobility scooter, know someone who does or you’re currently looking into purchasing one, you’ll already know that they can be expensive pieces of equipment. Ranging anywhere between £300 and £7000, it’s important you recognise that your scooter needs regular maintenance, carried out by yourself as well as by a qualified technician. To help give you a clearer idea of the service plans CareCo provide, today’s blog outlines what’s included in each deal, the benefits of each, and what happens during an annual service.

Type Of Plan

CareCo Cruiser 6-8 Mph Mobility Scooter

Much like insurance policies, you’re given a choice of time spans when purchasing a service plan. For only £199 you’re able to invest in a 1 Year Plan, giving you the opportunity to test out whether it’s for you over the 12 months. If you’d like to boost the coverage our 2 Year Plan costs only £289, while the 3 Year Plan is available at £379. Each plan includes one 6 month product inspection to flag any issues that would be covered under your 12 month warranty, with an annual service included in the price (one for each year of your plan e.g. 2 Year = two services in 24 months).

So why choose to take out a service plan? Most importantly, a plan gives you peace of mind that your mobility scooter is being looked after and maintained by a qualified member of CareCo’s team, with only our best technicians able to carry out inspections. Whilst the inspection is taking place you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you want on any scooter-related topic you wish e.g. charging, storage etc. Plus, with a 1 or 2 Year Plan you’ll be eligible to claim a 10% discount off of any replacement parts that’re required within a 24 month period, boosted to 20% with our 3 Year Plan.

Inspection Aspects

So what will your 6 month scooter inspection include? Following are the features of your scooter the technician will check over, noting anything that’s damaged or worn that’ll need replacing.

  • Motor and all electrics checked
  • Console/dashboard checked
  • Tyres and rims checked and reinflated (if necessary)
  • Brakes tested and checkedTravelux Bolt Mobility Scooter
  • Steering column set correctly
  • All nuts and bolts checked for tightness

This list applies to all three lengths of service plan available.

Annual Service Aspects

As stated above, each plan includes its own yearly service, whether you invest in the 1, 2 or 3 Year deal. While an inspection helps highlight anything that needs replacing under warranty, a service enables the technician to give your scooter a thorough check over and clean, ensuring everything is in a good working order. Below are the key aspects that’ll be evaluated to deem your scooter safe for use.

  • Battery capacity test and charger test: this is to evaluate whether your scooter‘s battery is capable of maintaining a high capacity of power. If you find that your battery runs low very quickly it means it’s time to replace it. Your charger will also be tested to check that it’s still safe to use and is still able to provide power to your battery.
  • Motor and brushes checked
  • Electrical components and leads checked for chafing and wear
  • Console/dashboard check
  • Tyres and rims checked and reinflated (if necessary)
  • All lubrication points lubricated
  • Hand brake and front brake checked
  • Steering column set correctly
  • Fully cleaned and valeted

Purchasing a service plan is the most efficient and economical way to ensure your scooter continues to run properly, is safe to ride, and is in a good condition. If you’d like to know more about our service plans or you’re interested in purchasing one just give our friendly customer service team a ring on 0800 111 4774.