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Simple CareCo Dressing Aids for Low Mobile Users

It’s easy to take for granted the ability to dress oneself. As some people start to lose motor control over their fingers and hands following a stroke or other serious illness, even this simple process can be hard. Not everybody has or is entitled to a carer; in truth, not everybody needs one. However, you might struggle to dress yourself and take extra time over it, risking pain discomfort. If you take a long time to get dressed because of your condition, you run the risk of missing appointments. These simple and effective devices are easy to use for anyone who needs a little extra help in getting dressed.

Who Will Benefit from CareCo Dressing Aids?

CareCo dressing aids are for a range of medical conditions. People with arthritis or rheumatism will often struggle with simple dexterity issues such as tying shoelaces, fastening zips or doing up buttons. Other conditions include back pain, sciatica or lower body paralysis, and these can mean that the patient struggles with getting dressed when trying to carry out even the most basic of movements. We supply stock to ease most medical conditions. The following is not an extensive list, but a broad selection to give you an idea of what we have available.

Long Plastic Shoe Horn

dressing aidsBending over to put your shoes on, even when already sitting down, can be difficult and painful. Most shoehorns are small and short, requiring you to bend over and struggle to put on your footwear. This extra-long plastic device from the CareCo dressing aids requires only minimum effort, putting less strain on your back and arms. It’s simple and lightweight, and won’t snag stockings or socks – as some tend to do. You can also carry it around with your anywhere, storing it easily in a bag.

Elastic Shoe Laces

It’s often surprising how simple solutions come from common problems. Manual dexterity can be a major problem for people when tying shoelaces. It can take a long time but when you struggle with using your fingers, the process of just bending over and tying is painful. CareCo dressing aids include these simple stretchable elastic shoelaces; this means you will no longer need to limit yourself to slip-on shoes. Simply pull them taut and tie them in comfort without straining your back or antagonising the joints in your fingers, knuckles or wrists.

Plastic Handled Button Hook

Manual dexterity is a common problem for people with rheumatism or arthritis. The pain can be debilitating. The simple act of putting on a shirt or doing up the top button on a skirt, pair of trousers or jeans is incredibly difficult. In the past, this has limited the patient to stretchable trousers or those without zips and buttons. Now, you can wear your favourite clothes again with this hook from the CareCo dressing aids range. Simply hook it around the button and pull the loop tight. Ideal for people who experience pain in their hands or those who have very limited control over one of their hands.

Velcro Ablebelt

Belts are both a fashion statement and a functional piece of clothing. They are common to people of all ages, and can be difficult to fasten if you struggle to manipulate the buckle. But why stick with an old-fashioned buckle type that you can no longer fasten it properly? Velcro has been around for decades. Although  it’s more common in arm straps and sportswear, it is useful enough to apply to belts too. That’s why the CareCo dressing aids range includes this leather finish belt with a Velcro fastener rather than a metal or plastic traditional fastener.