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All about Sport Relief Week 2018 and How to Get Involved

Alternating with Comic Relief, every second year is Sport Relief. The former and the original event runs in odd-numbered years and Sport Relief runs in even-numbered years. Being part of the same charity and they have some areas of overlap, they aim to help the UK’s and the world’s most vulnerable people. The 2018 event runs from 17th-23rd of this month and it promises to be as big as it ever was.

What Is Sport Relief? What is it Trying to Achieve?

Comisport reliefc Relief is about comedy and comedians using their fame to raise awareness and money for good causes. Sport Relief is not so different; it usually engages famous people from the world of sport instead of comedy. It also engages other famous people in pushing their bodies and minds to the limits in gruelling tests. In recent years, former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton has walked a tightrope between Battersea’s towers, kayaked the Amazon, and travelled to the South Pole.

But it also encourages the public to take up sport for leisure and fitness and get healthy in the process. It doesn’t have to be as gruelling as kayaking along the Amazon, perhaps run your first 5K and raise money in the process.

Past Sport Relief Highlights

It began in 2002 and the main television event was hosted by former footballer Gary Lineker, former co-host of Saturday afternoon TV show “Gladiators” Ulrika Johnsson, Former showjumper Claire Balding and children’s TV host Jamie Theakston. In one of the biggest surprises of the night, then Prime Minister Tony Blair teamed up with Pat Cash in a game of doubles tennis against Ilie Năstase and impressionist Alistair McGowan. The former team won. The second event was even bigger, including stars from football and rugby but also comedians and from the world of entertainment.

Some of the events have included amazing feats, not least of all Helen Skelton’s three impressive fundraising events mentioned above. Other main events include Sport Relief games, It’s a Knockout, Let’s Dance and Celebrity Boxing. Since the early days, it has called on viewers to engage in something called “The Sport Relief Mile”. Here, they encourage people to get active and raise money for their important causes by simply walking a mile.

That has always been at the core of Sport Relief – getting fit and active, having fun and raising money at the same time.

How to Get Active This Sport Relief Week

It’s never too late to stasport reliefrt fundraising for Sport Relief. Perhaps it’s too late to start training for a 5K run or a 20-mile cycle when you’ve never done either, but there is plenty of other things you can do. It can be as simple as setting up a gym membership and developing an achievable target for yourself. The important thing is to raise money for this important cause. Tag team treadmills, rowing the length of the Thames from the comfort of a gym, or step challenges are the most common.

Download the app: This year, Sport Relief goes all high-tech with the official app in 2018. Full of hints and tips on getting active, you can track your steps, set up a funding page and access to exclusive workouts. Also, you can take on celebrity challenges. If you’re feeling competitive, take on friends and family in the “step off” to see who can walk or run the most steps.

Reclaim your lunch break: The importance of taking breaks at work is well-known but few of us are taking the advice. We work out our desks and plough on through. But taking your lunch hour and using the break to get some fresh air and exercise can do you good. Perhaps set up a paying group to walk and donate the money to Sport Relief.