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Spring Essential CareCo Picnic Accessories

Spring is here. That means long nights, warm weather and evenings or weekends in a park or woodland sitting down for a few hours with food and drink. Picnics stir up childhood memories of long, hot days off school. Adults also get much pleasure from a romantic few hours in the sunshine with the wind on the face. Has it been a while since you bought new equipment? No problem, the following CareCo picnic accessories will help you get the best of the good weather.

Multipurpose Carrier with Wheel Pack

When you have mobility difficulties, you need not feel that you can’t go on picnics. This is one of the easiest to use and most useful accessories for your CareCo mobility scooter. It fits securely to the back of your scooter and allows you to fasten down your picnic equipment – large boxes, sacks and golf bags. It will fit almost anything within reason, giving you the added bonus that you won’t need to haul large or heavy items whole on a picnic. CareCo picnic accessories like this permit you to go almost anywhere and take as much equipment with you.

Kool Caddy Mobility Scooter Trailer

Staying with CareCo mobility scooter accessories, the Kool Caddy takes it up a notch.  A small, lightweight yet sturdy lockable trailer, it can carry much more than the multipurpose. We recommend it for those important weekly shopping trips, but it also doubles up as a great storage space for your picnic food, drink and other CareCo picnic accessories. Don’t worry about going over uneven ground. The lid closes securely and the wheels are strong enough that the items inside remain stable and won’t bounce around. It has a capacity of 45 litres or about six carrier bags.

Zero Gravity ChairUltimate Zero Gravity Chair

The one thing that most picnics miss is good seating. Light and foldable chairs will do for most people. However, what happens if you need something with a bit more support? Fabric and metal frame chairs don’t usually fulfil that function – after all, they’re supposed to be easily transportable. Sitting on the ground is out of the question. Here, we present to you the Ultimate Zero Gravity Chair, one of the best CareCo picnic accessories for your days out. It reclines so far back you will think you are floating. The most important thing is that it gives you peace of mind with all the support you require.

StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat

These table mats fulfil two functions on a picnic. The first is that it provides a safe barrier against the elements when using a public picnic bench. Seagull and pigeon excrement can carry disease and the build-up of fungus is unhygienic too. Its unique design means it will not harbour harmful bacteria in grooves or cuts as many other types of placemat will. The second function is that the material provides stability against slips. This is great if the surface on which you place it is a little insecure. Nothing is worse than dropping food or drink on yourself during a picnic. This type of CareCo picnic accessory will stop those spillages.

Good Grips Cutlery

While most people prefer to have finger food on a picnic, sometimes you need cutlery to eat such things as cold meat and potato salad. The Good Grip range of cutlery makes for ideal CareCo picnic accessories. You’ll be surprised at the bendable handles complementing solid stainless steel implements making it easy for you to handle, especially if you have problems with motor control. They feel nice and flexible to the touch and make for great picnic dining. Whether you are left or right handed, these are the ultimate in adaptable cutlery.