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The Benefits of a Quick Power Nap

Many people may wonder what the function of the power nap is. A nap is the term used to denote the short-term sleep that terminates before we could have the deep sleep. The mid-day nap has proven to show several physical, cognitive and over-all health benefits. Thus, it was given the name ‘power nap’.

Originally, it is intended to supplement for our lack of sleep during the regular bedtime hours. There are individuals who take power naps although they have taken full night’s slumber.  Most of them have reported positive results in health due to this habit, and their performance in the work seems to agree with it. Listed below are some of the benefits of the power nap.

power nap

  1. Restores Energy

The level of energy in the body can be both depleted with physical and mental activities. There are several research studies that have concluded that power naps can help in replenishing the body with its lost energy. The neurons that send signals to the muscle memory are intensified during siestas, enabling it to perform more efficiently upon waking up. Nap also serves to improve our endurance and alertness during daily activities.

  1. Enhances Mental Alertness

More frequently than not, we cannot perform well at work when we are too sleepy. The advice is to take the nap before resuming the activity. According to a study, afternoon slumber can increase mental alertness and creativity by 100%. It is even comparable to caffeine and exercises. A study on the effects of nap performed on pilots has found out that compared to the others who were not allowed to take a nap, the experimented groups were more watchful and committed less errors during the flights.

III. Provides Relief from Burn- out and Stress

It was discovered that power naps can actually help in relieving feelings of being exhausted and worn out. It was recommended to doze off when we feel physically and mentally drained. It can have results such as feeling refreshed and livelier.

Stress which is caused by exhaustion can be managed by taking the needed time off and snooze.

  1. Corrects Sleep Deprivation

There may be times that we need to stay awake in order to finish a project, monitor sick child or even enjoy the party. Sleep deprivation can cause decline in productivity and diminished zest to life. It can lead unpleasant results to our career and social life. A mid-day sleep can actually reverse the effects of lack of sleep. Hormone such as cortisol (stress hormone) is released during periods of sleep deprivation. When taking a nap, the body is releasing certain hormones to counter its excess.

  1. Improves General Healthpower nap 2

Power nap have several health benefits such as improvement of immune system, management of cardiovascular disorders, muscles and tissue repair, effective management of anxiety, and even speeds up weight loss. Lowering blood pressure level is also one of the wonders of the power nap. In addition to this, siesta is known to have relaxing effect to distress, hence, an addition to its usefulness to the circulatory system. According to studies, individuals who take naps in the day are less likely to suffer from stroke and cancer.

  1. Perks up Mood and Appetite

When we sleep at daytime, the body releases serotonin which is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for our mood, appetite and temperament. When this neurotransmitter is being used up during stressful periods, we become anxious, depressed and angry without reason. Napping can mediate effects of decreased level of serotonin, resulting to a more positive disposition.

We have now found out several importance of taking a nap. Nevertheless, we have to consider that sleeping in the daytime must also be paired with consciousness on the number of minutes to take and the exact period of the day. It is advised to take power naps in less than an hour, and during early afternoon so as not to interfere with circadian rhythm. This will ensure that we can still enjoy regular hours of sleep during night time.