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The Benefits of Eating Nuts

Surprisingly, great things can come in small packages. Less than a handful of nuts in a day can already provide for the daily need of fats, proteins, some vitamins and minerals.

The list of the nut eating benefits just goes on; however, some benefits are explicitly discussed below;nuts

The Nutty Way of Reducing Stress
Nuts can boost the key organ systems of the body during periods of stress. Stresses are capable of ruining the body physiologically in several forms such as hypertension, digestive problems, tension headaches and others. Acute types of stress are found to become cardiovascular strains. The alpha-linoleic acid which is richly found in nuts offers good protection against it.

Furthermore, it has effect to the physical image by affecting our skin moisture and reducing premature aging such as wrinkles and blemishes. Some women’s health studies suggest that nuts such as almonds have high amounts of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and magnesium, which are all considered as the beauty vitamins.

The Nutty Way of Trimming Weight

Nuts are helpful for individuals who want to achieve or maintain certain weight brackets. There are researches which pointed out that the immense fiber counts of the nuts can provide high satiety experience, because it is slowly metabolized by the body. Hence, individuals who are fond of in-between meals or snacks of nuts will report feeling of contentment more frequently compared to those who eat other foods with lesser caloric and nutritional value.

The Nutty Way of Ensuring Cardiovascular Health

Nuts are good for the heart as revealed by many studies. Cashews, walnuts, peanuts and hazel nuts have been found to decrease the risk of heart diseases. It might be related to the fact that nuts are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated forms of fatty acids, and fibers. These compounds are helpful in reducing the level of the bad cholesterol in the body. The arginine in the nuts will be converted to nitric oxide which aids in blood circulation by relaxing the blood vessels.walnuts

Here are some additions to the list of vitamins and nutrients found in the nuts which are essentials in ensuring the cardiovascular health:

  1. Vitamin E. It can assist in the prevention of development of arterial plaque – one of the factors of vessel narrowing, thus reducing the risk of hypertension and coronary arterial conditions.
  2. Plant sterols. Occurring naturally in nuts, sterols are substances that are effective in lowering down the cholesterol level in the body. Sometimes, they are incorporated to other products such as orange extracts in order to boost its health benefits.
  3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This is a form of fatty acids which is noted to prevent occurrence of abnormal heart rhythms, hence preventing heart attacks.

The Nutty Way of Enhancing Brain Functions
Nuts are famous as being one of the brain food groups among offices and schools. The huge dose of Vitamin E and Vitamin B (folate) are vital compounds in enhancing neural health and activities. They are also noted for lowering the chance of cognitive decline. Apart from that, walnuts have been studied to work in improving memory and problem solving-skills, which also interestingly include the motor functions.

The Nutty Way of Dwindling Down Risk of Certain Cancers

Nuts are useful in preventing against certain types of cancers such as lung and prostate cancers, which are considered as the most common type of malignancies worldwide. For instance, the rich amounts of gamma-tocopherol in Pistachio, is the key element that have its cancer preventing power.

brazel nutsBrazil nuts can also provide prevent prostate cancer in men. This can be attributed to the high amounts of selenium in the nuts. According to a 17-year study, men with advanced level of selenium are less likely to acquire prostate cancer.

Moderation is still an important principle in eating nuts. It is not difficult to start eating nuts as a habit, but what would be hard is how to determine that we already have consumed the recommended daily amount. The suggested serve daily is a small handful of whole nuts or two tablespoons when it is in the form of butter.