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The CareCo Range of Rollators

We recently had a look at the CareCo range of walking aids with seats, which seemed to get a bit of interest, so we thought we would take a closer look at the extensive selection or rollators.

What Are Rollators?

Rollators are generally considered to be a little bit more convenient than tri-walkers and other walking aids like crutches, especially when it comes to travelling further. They are normally designed with 4 wheels to provide a sturdier base, and they can be very helpful for getting yourself down to the shops, for running errands or for going out with the family on day trips without feeling like a burden. Cable breaks are included on most models to help you deal with the demands of walking on unstable outdoor terrain like deteriorating pavements and pathways. Rollators also have foldable seats incorporated into their design, so you can take a rest while out and about. Or use it as a chair when you have your lunch!

It’s true that rollators might seem like a limited choice to those of you who use a mobility scooter or powerchair. However, they can be a great alternative (or even an additional aid to scooter owners) for people looking for a mobility aid to help them manage shorter distances, or for those who are quite confident in their balance and flexibility.

CareCo Rollators LiteTravel
CareCo LiteTravel, £69.99

Rollators are lightweight, transportable, and easy to look after too.

4 of the Best

CareCo Glider (£43.99 with VAT relief): Our own rollator, the CareCo Glider, is the most affordable of our selection. It’s easy to grip, with ergonomic handles designed to be comfortable for arthritic users and those with limited dexterity.

SR8 Steel Rollator (£54.99 with VAT relief): The lightweight steel frame of this rollator weighs just 9.6 kg, so it’ll be easy to fold up and slide into the boot of your car. The easy-fold mechanism also means it can be stored discreetly when not in use.

LiteTravel Rollator (£69.99 with VAT relief): The LiteTravel offers not only excellent support but absolute convenience too, with a lockable and foldable design. On flat surfaces the LiteTravel is very manoeuvrable with its height adjustable handles. It also comes with a travel bag, so you can avoid dents and damage when the rollator is in transit.

Wheelzahead Track 3.0 Rollator (£259.99 with VAT relief): A little more of an expensive option, but it does offer some extra advantages to justify the price. The soft, large wheels absorb some of the friction on rough terrain, while the ergonomic handles are forgiving on your hands. The Wheelzahead Track also features a walking stick holder, a front-attached storage bag, a serving tray and a lifting pedal to help you get the rollator up steep kerbs.

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