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The Importance of Wearing Sun Cream and Lotion

The Benefits of Regular Sun Exposure

It is general knowledge that sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D. This vitamin is important in the development and strengthening of bones and teeth in the body. However, exposure to the sun has cosmetic benefits. Sun-kissed colour is undeniably attractive to look at. There are some people who spend lots of money and time to get that much-coveted skin colour. Playing outdoor sports or staying out in the open are just few of the several ways of acquiring tan colour without so spending so much.sun

There are several other benefits sun exposure can give. However, it is vital to recognize that there is also harm in basking out in the sun without the necessary protection such as sun cream and lotion.

Below are the advantages of applying sun cream and lotion before the coming outdoors.

Advantages of Applying Sun Cream and Lotion

  1. It Screens UV Radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun are harmful to the skin. It can reach the skin surface because of the depletion of the protective layer in the atmosphere. Ozone works to trap the UV rays from coming in the earth’s surface. Different skin disorders may happen or triggered when the UV beams reach and penetrate the skin. Applying sunscreens creams and lotions can help in blocking these rays from penetrating.

  1. It Decreases the Risk of Skin Cancer

There are several studies that support the use of sun cream and lotion as protection from the development of various types of skin cancer. The most common kind of integumentary cancer is melanoma. It is considered to be a life-threatening type and usually common among women in their 20s. While this is the age where body image is important, and tan is the most appealing colour, it is recommended that we use screens while doing it.

  1. It Helps us Look Young and Radiant

One of the convincing perks of using the sun creams and lotions is its ability to delay the occurrence of the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and blotchiness. There are many researches that have observed that those individuals who used sunscreens regularly before reaching the ripe age of 50 show very little signs of old age compared to the occasional-users and non-users. It is also notable that sunscreen hampers the eruption of red veins and acne.

  1. It Prevents Occurrence of Sunburns

While activities under the sun in the park are fun and healthy, it is not a good idea to get sunburns. It is considered as a first degree burn, and can be painful as well. Aside from the pain, opening of the primary defense system of the body might place the person at risk to infection. Another problem with sunburns is that skin swelling, peeling and redness may recur. There are even cases that blisters and hives can intensify into skin cancer. Thus, it is essential to put on sunscreen as a caution.beach

  1. It Offers Cosmetic Benefits

Cosmetic companies now include sunscreens as an added hype to sell their products. It comes in form of make-ups because it offers matted look. Wearing sunscreen is as regular as can be because women do make-ups when they go to work or just anywhere. Hence, it can be pretty wise to look for products that offer some level of sun protection through the SPF label.

The Mechanics of Sun Cream and Sun Lotion as Protection

The sunscreen agent effectively works both in the manner of physical and chemical block. Physical blockers are powdered minerals such as zinc oxide. It is insoluble, thus it is not absorbable in the skin.

Chemical sun rays protectors are compounds that absorb the UV rays.  Sun lotions are generally used to refer to this type of mechanism. Thus, sun creams are physical blockers while lotions are chemical absorbers.