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Top CareCo Dementia Aids

One in six of us will get dementia before we turn 80, so it’s far from a foregone conclusion but the many of us do worry. A report released last week suggested that people feared dementia more than they feared early death. Last year, NHS reported that people fear dementia more than they fear cancer. The odds are good for most people for their neurological mental health into old age; however, when the unfortunate does happen, the person needs care. The following CareCo dementia aids are designed to help patients and their carers to continue to enjoy a quality of life.

dementia aidsMedical Safe

As we get older, physical health problems ensue. Our likelihood of using any medication increases as we get older, with those for blood pressure and other heart conditions being the most common. It may not be a good idea for dementia sufferers to be in charge of their own medication. Memory problems can lead to missed treatments and overdoses. The Medical Safe is a great CareCo dementia aid, disguised as a reference book but with a locking mechanism. It’s large and spacious and can hold a variety of pills and even some small medical equipment.

Stay Safe GPS Tracker

One of the biggest concerns for carers or relatives is when a dementia patient disappears. Anxiety, panic, and the worst possible scenarios will run through one’s mind. GPS technology has been a boon for many people, even though we may curse have some choice words at out satnavs at times. One of the best uses of GPS technology is security, especially for our vehicles. They’re also useful for keeping track of vulnerable dementia patients prone to wandering. This small dementia aid fits in a lanyard, a bag, or pocket and helps you keep track of the location through text messaging. The added alert button allows the user to call for help too.

Clear Display LCD Clockdementia aids

People with dementia have trouble with memory and planning and get easily confused. No matter how old you are, you will organise your life around times and dates – for medication, appointments, and personal errands. This LCD clock in the range of CareCo dementia aids displays all information clearly – the day, date, month, year, and time – in a large format so it’s useful for people with eyesight difficulty too. With the push of a button, it updates automatically based on data transmitted with digital radio signals, so you never need to worry about correcting it following a power cut. Multiple alarms allow the user to plan their day effectively.

CL60 Amplified Classic Telephone

A telephone remains a lifeline for many people, especially for those who do not have or need a smartphone. The extra features on this dementia aid make it ideal for people with dementia related conditions. It’s an old fashioned rotary style phone but that’s the only thing about it that’s retro. It’s fitted with hearing amplification and can be set to ring as loudly as 80db – about the level of a food processor – while in use. The centre has an emergency dial button, simply press it to connect to emergency services.

dementia aidsAnti-Tamper Care Alarm

Accidents are likely with dementia patients and sometimes they need to remain in bed to recover from a fall. But how can you keep an eye on them 24/7? The answer is that you can’t. In their confusion, they’re likely to try to get out of bed. This anti-tamper care alarm is a great addition to dementia aids range. It will sound when they get out of bed or a wheelchair; the best thing is that the carer controls the device with infrared or ID code so that the patient cannot easily fiddle with the device.