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The Tuni Range of Premium Walking Aids

The Tuni range of rollators cover a wide range of budgets, designs, and features. This gives anyone – no matter their mobility requirements – the opportunity to own a walking aid that will provide them with vital everyday assistance. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a closer look at the full Tuni range:

tuni rangeTuni Nova Indoor

The cheapest product in the Tuni range – the Nova rollator – has been designed with its primary function to be an indoor walking aid. The small wheelbase and overall compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre, even in the cosiest of households, so you won’t have to worry about scuffing up the paintwork on your doorframes. However, this tiny footprint doesn’t mean the Nova will capitulate the moment it heads outside into the garden as the light aluminium frame is still plenty durable for the job.

The Nova is more than just its nimble stature, it also has a wealth of thoughtful features. The most obvious of these is the useful basket mounted on the front, letting you can keep essential bits and pieces to hand. There is also the Nova’s ability to fold into a narrow configuration for storage in the house or car. Finally, details such as a bar brake, grippy handlebar, height adjustability, and swivelling front wheels give you total control when piloting the Nova.

Tuni Spectra with Carry Bag

Tuni RangeThe next step up in the Tuni range is the Spectra rollator that includes a carry bag. The Spectra’s party piece is – unsurprisingly – its ability to fold small enough to fit into its provided carry bag. The rollator is capable of shrinking down with the push of a few release mechanisms and it slots right into the bag without fuss. It can then be easily lifted up and packed away thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction.

In addition to its portability, the Spectra has been laden with features that make it more suitable than the Nova for longer journeys. One of these features is the canvas seat that is suspended across the frame, this is ideal if you find yourself becoming fatigued and need a moment to rest. Furthermore, the Spectra has a large, front mounted storage compartment that can hold multiple belongings. Finally, the loop handle brakes, swivelling front wheels, and push pin height adjusters give you confidence and comfort when using the walking aid.

Tuni RangeTuni Bossa Carbon Fibre Rollator

At the very top of the Tuni rollator range is the high-end Bossa Carbon Fibre Rollator. This particular rollator is a serious investment, but there is good reason for the premium price. As the name suggests, the Bossa is made from carbon fibre. This more expensive choice of material makes the walking aid incredibly light, while simultaneously being immensely strong and rigid. This gives you complete confidence in the Bossa being able to handle anything your throw at it.

Beyond the high-tech materials, the Bossa also possesses the features you would expect from a top-end rollator. There is a storage bag that can be mounted on the front or carried as a satchel, as well as loop handle brakes and large swivelling front wheels that keep you in control. Finally, there is of course a seat to rest on and the ability to fold the rollator flat. The Bossa really is a comprehensive premium walking aid and a superb flagship product for the Tuni range.