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Upgrade Your Wheelchair with a Powerstroll

Anybody who makes use of a wheelchair will be more than aware of just how convenient they are when you need to get moving. Wheelchairs present probably the cheapest and most convenient way of holding on to your independence when you struggle with limited mobility, although you may find you are restricted in terms of how far or how quickly you can travel. If you don’t own a self-propelled wheelchair and a carer or attendant is unavailable, then you might actually be stuck indoors. Nobody wants that.

That’s why we thought we’d make our loyal blog readers aware of the revolutionary benefits offered by powerchairs. Read on to find out a bit more about these innovative little contraptions, or just check out the whole powerstroll range on the CareCo website.

What Does a Powerstroll Do?

Simply put, a powestroll is a compact, easily portable motor designed to fit to the back of a standard manual wheelchair. This motor then powers the chair, meaning you won’t need to use either your own strength or an attendant’s to get moving.

Excel Click & Go 'Lite'
Excel Click & Go ‘Lite’, £299.00

Much like a powerchair, your powerstroll is operated with an easy-to-use joystick that can be placed on either of the armrests (depending on your preference) or on one of your wheelchair’s push handles. This is useful if you are mostly pushed by a carer or attendant. You’ll have complete control of your wheelchair’s speed and direction, which is perfect for giving you just a little bit of independence. Don’t worry about attaching the powerstroll to your wheelchair — many designs are universal and are easy to both fit and detach from your chair.

Essentially, a powerstroll upgrades your travel, transit or self-propelled wheelchair into a handy powerchair, with the ability to travel up to 15 miles (24km) on a full charge!

3 of the Best

U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XS
U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XS, £995.00

Excel Click & Go ‘Lite’ (£299.00 with VAT relief): With a light weight and easily removable design, the Excel Click & Go ‘Lite’ is portable enough to take with you anywhere. With two drive wheels for traction, this powerstroll also delivers extra stability for you wheelchair. A simple joystick allows for easy switching between forward and reverse.

S-Drive Dual Powerstroll Heavy Duty (£669.00 with VAT relief): Ideal for the wheelchair user who has the assistance of a carer, this heavy duty version of the S-Drive Dual Powerstroll will fit most standard wheelchairs up to a larger 20″ seat width. The unique one-click docking station allows for easy fitting and removal, and the push-slide battery is also very straightforward to use.

U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XS (£995.00 with VAT relief): Looking to get as close as you can to the benefits of a powerchair? The U-Drive is designed to fit the excellent Enigma XS wheelchair, and features a fully programmable fault management system as well as both on- and off-board charging options. The U-Drive Powerstroll will give your wheelchair a max speed of 4mph and a travel distance of 6 miles, and will fit easily into the boot of your car.

For many people, a powerstroll can be a very worthwhile investment, upgrading a standard wheelchair into something with the ability to effortlessly take you further. More interested in a powerchair? Just follow the link to see the whole range.