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What Bath Lifts are on offer to help you have a relaxing bathing experience

Nothing beats a nice soothing and relaxing bath however if you suffer from certain mobility issues it can be difficult to enjoy one while staying safe. A bath lift is an excellent way to get back in the tub as it will help you into the bath with ease. The following types of electric bath lifts on offer have a range of different benefits and drawbacks that you need to be aware of before making a purchase.

Bath Lifts

The most common type of bath lift is a control operated lift that can securely lower you into the bottom of the bath. Many of these bath lifts have a reclining backrest so you can still lie back in the bath such as for relaxing and washing your hair. Another feature that some bath lifts have is that they are battery powered which means that they can be charged outside of the bathroom. This is important as it removes any dangers that may be caused when using electric appliances in the bathroom.

Mangar Bathing CushionBathing Cushions

An alternative to the bath lift is the bathing cushion that inflates for the user to sit on and then deflates to lower them into the bath. Once you have finished bathing the cushion can then be re-inflated to allow you to get out of the bath. This makes for a more comfortable bath due to greater comfort and less restrictions then a standard bath lift. Bathing cushions are also easier to clean then a bath lift as they do not have any crevices for dirt to get into.

Bath Belts

The other type of bath lift is a bath belt. This is a device that is fitted to the side of the wall next to your bath and possesses a belt that stretches across the bath. A user can then sit on the belt which can then descent down into the bath tub. A bath belt is operated by controls on the device itself. The main advantage of the bath belt is that it is more secure than the other types of bath lifts due to being fitted to the wall making it the safest option.

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