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What is the Palaeolithic diet and how can it benefit you?

Palaeolithic diet also called as caveman, primal, stone-age, and hunter-gatherer diet, is based on the principle that degenerative and chronic conditions sprung from the modern lifestyles adopted by the society. Thus, it is recommended that people emulate the food selection of the ancient society. Here are some of the worth-pondering benefits of the Paleo Diet:

Farewell to Modern Foods

Paleo FoodIn the Paleo diet, foods that come with jars, bags or box are not allowed. This just implies getting rid of the additives such as salt, artificial sweeteners, and colorings. Commercially prepared foods generally contribute to the excess salt and sugar consumed by people on a regular basis. It is a common knowledge that individuals who rely on processed and packaged foods are more likely to have a lesser quality of life compared to those who prepare their own meal. Hence, on a health balance scale, the diet of forefathers weighs way heavier than our present choices.

Farewell to Excess Weight

This diet is designed in a low carbohydrate, moderate protein pattern.  As previously discussed, cutting out extra sugar and salt from the processed foods is a great aid in weight management. The recommended meal pattern in this type of diet comes in the colors of the rainbow, hence, variety of vegetables and fruits. This rainbow diet gives us the confidence that we are getting the all the vitamins that we need. Limiting intake of carbohydrates and increasing consumption of healthy fats are the basics of getting that slimmer body we so desired.

Furthermore, the Paleo diet enhances insulin sensitivity. This physiologic cellular activity aids in breaking down fats to energy more efficiently. The improvement in the lipid profiles can be observed even to the individuals with sedentary lifestyles.

Farewell to Digestive Issues

images (4)One of the disadvantages of processed and junk foods is its potential to cause inflammation to our intestinal tract.   If such diet is paired with higher level of stressors, our regular bowel activity is compromised, either too rapid or too slow. The foods taken must be transported and converted to usable forms at an appropriate weight; otherwise we will suffer both digestive and nutritional problems. Paleo diet answers this dietary problem in the manner proven effective by the stone-age civilization.

Hello to a Renewed Energy

The increasing popularity of the energy is associated to the low-energy diet contemporary to the society. In the present diet of regular individuals, the amount energy-giving foods do not match with the body needs. In fact, proper nutrition has been substituted with sugars that do not keep us satiated, thus, we crave for more without replenishing the energy requirement. The main strategy of the Paleo diet is to supply us the right amount of the macro and micro nutrients that we need.

Hello to a New Community

Paleo diet is not a lonely step to healthier life. As a matter of fact, people who have decided to embrace this diet can be reached by the newbies at moment’s notice for support and encouragement.  They can be tapped in their Facebook Pages and other online community forums. There are also Paleo Eaters group for meet up or conference. This ultimate U-turn in the regular diet is never an easy path to take; hence people may need the necessary support.

Hello to a Fresh Life

Following the Paleo diet may just be more than a change in food selection. It may also entail transformation in the lifestyle. It is not intended to be dropped whenever we feel better or when we have achieved our weight goal. It has a way of sticking unto us, because it gives us the getaway out of some of the toxic elements of our modern society.

The world is advancing in science and technology, and people strive to stay in the loop. The influx of these breakthroughs does not necessarily mean change in all our way of lives, particularly in the diet. There is nothing exceptional with the food fad of the present compared than the diet of our ancestors. Rather, their diet might just be finest alternative we can have.