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Specialised Wheelchairs and Accessories for Different Lifestyles

There are so many types of wheelchair for so many uses that finding the perfect one for you isn’t always straightforward. On top of finding the right wheelchair itself, there are also a wide range of suitable accessories to offer further assistance. To help you make sense of it all, here’s a rundown of a few specialised wheelchairs and some accessories to fit different lifestyles.

Wheelchairs for Active Lifestyles

Being wheelchair bound doesn’t automatically mean a person has to limit their lifestyle. Fortunately, there are wheelchairs that are designed for all kinds of hobbies and routines.

Outlander All-Terrain: The Outlander All-Terrain is designed to be able to handle rough ground that a standard self-propelled wheelchair would find insurmountable. Features like; chunky tyres, a robust frame, and the ability be folded and dismantled makes it perfect to explore areas like countryside trails and non-local destinations that require it to be packed away in a car. These features may be practical, but the most appealing thing about the Outlander is that it’s fun to use. It’s low weight and compact size makes it incredibly agile and more than just a means of transport.

G-Lite Pro Self Propelled lifestylesG-Lite Pro: The G-Lite Pro isn’t as rugged as the Outlander but its strengths lie elsewhere. As the name alludes to, this wheelchair is very light. At only 7kg lifting it into the boot of a car is very easy when it’s folded flat. The very low weight combined with the low resistance wheels also makes propelling the chair a breeze, it simply glides along. On a level surface like in a shopping centre or concrete streets the G-Lite excels. The perfect wheelchair for those with outgoing, social lifestyles.

X8 High Active: For those who rarely stay in one place and have the busiest of lifestyles the X8 High Active is well-suited. The core focus is quick and convenient portability and the X8 achieves this as it can be taken apart in moments. There are button releases for the wheels, a lever release for the footrests, and it’s a simple case of removing the cushion and pulling the seat up to fold it flat. You won’t waste a moment when it comes to packing and unpacking the X8 for travel.

Suitable Accessories

CareCo Wheelchair Seat Belt: This wheelchair seat belt is ideal for something like the Outlander All-Terrain, it will hold you in place as the chair scrambles over bumps and divots.

CareCo Wheelchair Bag: This wheelchair bag is great for those who travel frequently, for business or leisure. The copious storage and smart exterior makes it an excellent multipurpose accessory.

Wheelchairs for Assisted Lifestyles

Some wheelchair users may require a chair that is attendant assisted due to upper body impairment. These travel wheelchairs are ideal for those who require some additional help.

Swift Travel lifestylesChair with Bag: The Swift Travel Chair with Bag is one of the most convenient attendant controlled travel chairs. The very low carry weight of 7.5 kg makes pushing and lifting the chair a much easier task for the attendant. This practicality is taken even further thanks to the addition of a storage bag, reducing the amount of fumbling around while trying to hold the folded chair.

CareCo AluLite: Not all lifestyles are about flashing the cash, for many, affordability and functionality takes priority. When it comes to affordable wheelchairs the AluLite ticks all the boxes. A strong frame, low weight, and portability features are the core elements of a travel chair and the AluLite provides them all without breaking the bank.

Suitable Accessory

CareCo Mobility Poncho Unsleeved: This poncho can keep you dry in the variable British weather. The unsleeved design fully covers you and is ideal for an attendant controlled travel wheelchair.