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Which Web Browser Should I Be Using

It can be confusing to understand why to switch internet browsers and what makes each different to the other. Whilst all browsers do basically the same job they all excel in different areas so knowing what each does can help you in choosing which one is best for you.

This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the top 5 web browsers and why you may want to switch.internet explorer

The old classic: Internet Explorer (Edge)

Internet explorer is owned by Windows and comes installed on all Windows PC’s making allowing everyone to jump straight onto the internet and begin browsing. the program is free to download if you don’t have it installed and is easy to use. Internet Explorer is criticised heavily for being slow to load webpages can be targeted by hackers and cyber-thieves due to it being so commonly used.

The new Operating System Windows 10 comes with the new web browser Edge. Edge boasts a new sleeker design and claims to be much faster than its predecessor, it may be what Windows needs to convince users to switch back to Windows web browsers.

If you’re not looking to browse the internet too often Internet Explorer is ideal for you to use, it is already installed and there’s no hassle when getting started.

The Jack of All Trades: Firefox

firefoxDeveloped by Mozilla, whilst still having been around for a while Firefox is a newer kid on the block. Firefox is faster and more customisable than Internet Explorer and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux; with the use of add-ons users can tweak Firefox to work exactly how they want it, and with the use of Mozilla’s add-ons website there’s an add-on for almost everything and can be found with the click of a button.

Whilst Firefox is considered better than Internet explorer in most ways the program is known to use a large amount of your PC’s power to run, so older PC’s will struggle when compared to running Internet Explorer.

If you’re looking for a web browser to replace Internet Explorer and will benefit from the use of add-ons then Firefox could be the browser for you.

The Mac Resident: Safari

Safari is the Internet Explorer equivalent for Apple products, it can be found installed by default on Mac computers and laptops as well as iPhones and iPads however Safari users still make up a very small percentage of all web users.

Just like Internet Explorer it can perform all simple tasks easily, design is modern. Extensions can be used to customise the browsing experience however there is a lacking amount of extensions to use when compared to Chrome and Firefox.safari

Safari is very similar to Internet Explorer and Edge; if you own an Apple product and you’re looking to browse the internet from time to time with little hassle then Safari could be the browser for you.

The Odd One Out: Opera

Opera is the least popular of all of the web browsers we are looking at in this article with around 2% of all web users browsing on Opera. The browser has little publicity compared to it’s competitors through advertisement such as Chrome and Firefox, and does not come installed on computers such as Internet Explorer and Safari.

Whilst the browser is still small, it still compares well against the bigger browsers. Opera boasts one of the fastest webpage loading speeds, it also features add-ons to customise your browsing experience, however the design is slightly dated and doesn’t always work well on all types of webpages.

Whilst Opera can be useful for loading pages quickly it doesn’t do anything special compared to the other big names; if you want pages loaded quickly you may want to check out Opera, if not keep away for now and look for another browser.

The Leader of the Pack: Chrome

Developed by Google, chrome delivers in almost every way; more than half of all users on the internet have switched over the Chrome and with the vast amount of add-ons and versatility chrome offers it is easy to see why.

chromeChrome does all the things that you expect should happen, webpages load quickly and the design is modern and simplistic.

One of the best features of Chrome is the implementation of the address bar at the top also working as a google search bar; there’s no need to type in google’s web address anymore to find something you’re looking for.

Chrome also features one of the largest add-on marketplaces so you can customise your browsing experience to exactly how you want it.

Whilst chrome is very powerful it also means that it can use a lot of your computer’s power to work, the windows also close without warning so be careful when closing down tabs, and even if you do lose a window by accident you can usually get it back by reopening Chrome and hitting “CTRL+SHIFT+T” at the same time.

Chrome is the best browser for a reason and does exactly what is needed, if you have a modern PC or laptop and feel confident with browsing online Chrome is definitely the correct choice.

All web browsers can be found quickly by clicking the links below.



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