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Why We Give Christmas Presents to Friends and Family

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts, decorating our homes with Christmas trinkets and singing carols. Giving presents and displaying decorations is an ancient tradition that is practised in most homes during this season. This developed from when the three wise men brought gifts as a symbol of love to Jesus when he was born. Over time, people then cultivated the habit of showing love, thoughtfulness and affection to their family and friends during Christmas by buying gifts. When we give gifts, it brings pleasure and joy to the receiver. It also makes us feel good as we contribute positively to another person’s life this season. No matter how small the gift is, the value in terms of love to the receiver is beyond measure.

Read on to find out why people give Christmas presents to their loved ones.

Showing Value

Buying a loved Christmas presents shows how much that person means to you. If you know someone well enough, it is easy to pick a gift that the person needs and will appreciate. Some gift ideas include chocolates, flowers, gadgets and toys for kids.

Showing Skills

The Christmas season is a perfect time to showcase your skills if you are a crafty person. Apart from portraying your skills to the receiver, it also shows that you dedicated time and effort for that person. This way, the receiver feels extra love coming from you. Handmade items can include paintings, craft, knitted scarves, homemade cakes and chocolates.


Organisations give Christmas gifts as a sign of appreciation to employees for their valuable contribution during the year. This also aids motivation and increase productivity for the coming year. Additional gift items can be given to some employees with high achievement.

For a Cause

Giving out gifts during Christmas is a way to bring smiles on the face of people that are not fortunate to have what they need. This way, you will ensure that they will have a happy season too.

Promoting Business

Most people give gifts at Christmas to their customers as a token of appreciation for doing business with them during the year. This way, the gifts helps in influencing customers to give more to the business and then commercialise it via word of mouth.

Substitute for Cash

Some people are reluctant to accept monetary gifts from others even if they are in desperate need. Such individuals would not mind accepting gifts from you that can cater for that need. Examples of substitute for cash kind of gifts are shop vouchers, grocery vouchers, paying their utility bills to keep their home warm this season.

Marking Milestones

People buy gifts during Christmas to mark a particular milestone in their lives. A few examples include a couple first Christmas together, the first Christmas in a new home, first Christmas with a new baby. This kind of celebration during the festive season is always associated with the exchange of gifts.

Christmas is a cheerful and fun season people look forward to every year. It comes at the end of the year, so it’s a great chance to reflect on all your accomplishments through the year. Most importantly, we should endeavour to appreciate the people closest to us.