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Is Your Home Mobility-Friendly?

It’s a sad reality that many public spaces and places of work are not doing enough to be accessible to people with disabilities and limited mobility. Regular users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters will be more than aware of just how much independence and freedom these mobility aids can provide, but when the world around us is not designed with their limitations in mind then it can be all too easy to become frustrated when faced with familiar obstacles.

And these obstacles are still all too common. A recent news story reported that up to a third of music venues in England do not have adequate access information for the deaf and disabled, while another report found that more than 60% of tourist attractions in the UK are not completely wheelchair accessible.

While there isn’t much we can personally do to improve the services of public spaces (other than getting behind campaigns by the likes of Scope), our homes are the one place we can adapt for comfort and ease of access.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune in renovation costs either. With just a few simple and inexpensive additions your home can be accessible, comfortable and tailor-made for your specific needs.


3ft Roll Up Ramp Mobility Friendly
The 3ft Roll Up Ramp in action.

If you have high thresholds in your doorways or you don’t have step-free access into your home, then a ramp can allow you to stay in your wheelchair and still overcome the obstacle.

3ft Roll Up Ramp (£69.99 with VAT relief): This 3ft Roll Up Ramp is incredibly transportable, so if you’re going somewhere new you can take it with you and not have to worry about accessibility issues. Able to bear a load of up to 300kg (47st 2lbs), this ramp is also safe for use with tri-walkers and rollators as well as wheelchairs.

Telescopic Ramp (starting at £112.99 with VAT relief): Lightweight and easily put together, the Telescopic Ramp will help you get over steps and high thresholds as well as helping you to get your wheelchair or mobility scooter into a vehicle. The Telescopic Ramp is available in a variety of lengths and is coated with anti-slip material to offer extra reassurance.

Living Aids

Sometimes, the seemingly easy tasks in life can cause frustration. With these daily living aids your life at home can be painless and trouble-free.Mobility friendly Big Button Telephone

Folding Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray (£18.99 inc VAT): This cleverly designed tray is ideal for use with a riser recliner or while in bed. Set it at different angles to accommodate a range of activities.

CL100 Big Button Telephone (£36.99 with VAT relief): With modern technology intent on making phones smaller and more complicated, it’s a relief to know that helpful telephones like the CL100 still exist. The big-button keypad suits those with limited dexterity in their fingers, while the extra loud 70 decibel ringer is perfect for the hard of hearing.

Multi-Purpose Opener (£10.50 with VAT relief): The adjustable steel band of this Multi-Purpose Opener clamps around any shape jar or bottle top to give you a helping hand. It also incorporates a bottle top opener as well as a ring-pull.


With hundreds of products designed for home use available at CareCo, making your home mobility-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive. From jar openers to riser recliner chairs, our range is guaranteed to make your life more comfortable.